Back when I was in dental school in San Francisco, I would frequent a Vietnamese restaurant nearby. Tin SF had the most unique spring rolls I’ve ever tried —- the Tín Roll. The rolls had the perfect balance of flavor in every bite. It consisted of savory thit nuong (grilled pork shoulder), fresh green lettuce and cilantro, fried shallots, hard-boiled egg (what?!), complete with the crunch of a deep-fried rolled wonton wrapper — all wrapped in delicate rice paper. The dipping sauce was fish sauce (nước chấm), which is very similar to my own recipe. It was so revolutionary yet authentic at the same time. When I moved back to my hometown, my boyfriend was craving it so I told him I’ll try to copy the rolls. The result is pretty close, but I added one twist to the rolls — shrimp! Instead of just rolling up a wonton wrapper and deep frying it, I marinated and butterflied some shrimp and stuffed it in the wontons. Needless to say, my boyfriend gets his Tín fix and we don’t even have to drive into the city.

  • Grilled pork shoulder
  • 2 green lettuce
  • 1 bunch of cilantro
  • 8 hard boiled eggs
  • Nước chấm
  • Fried shallots
  • 1 pack wonton wrapper
  • Shrimp (deveined and butterflied)
  • Rice paper

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